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Bryden General & Implant Dentistry

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Bryden General & Implant Dentistry in Lewiston

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On so many levels, Dr. Dan Wilson has spent decades perfecting his craft of truly caring for others at Bryden General & Implant Dentistry. He’s carefully curated an extremely talented, compassionate team whose dedication to improving your oral and overall health is their everyday mission.

Get ready to partner with a team who values you and your wants, needs, and goals. Don’t worry about unnecessary treatments or appointments, no matter how involved your case may be. That’s where we shine in helping patients with the most unsolvable of dental dilemmas.

We Cater to the “Helpless, Hopeless” Patients

Forget What You’ve Been Told in the Past

What’s holding you back from getting the dental care you know you need, while achieving a healthier smile? Is what you’ve been told at previous dentist visits left you feeling like you’re the helpless, hopeless patient?

At Bryden General & Implant Dentistry, solving complex cases and finding the right treatments is what we’re known for, in Lewiston and beyond. Stop wondering if your smile can be repaired. It’s time to rely on a more experienced dentist.

Bryden General & Implant Dentistry in Lewiston

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Dr. Dan Wilson

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Bryden General & Implant Dentistry in Lewiston

Partnering with Dr. Dan Wilson

Unmatched Experience and Education

“My number one goal is to help our patients, who place their trust in us, to enjoy the lifetime benefits of a beautiful and functional smile.”

Dr. Wilson is more than your average dentist, with decades of experience and continuing education. His dedication to learning exceeds what’s been required of him throughout his lengthy career, enabling him to address complex cases through restorative and reconstructive dental care. Dr. Wilson is a recognized leader in the Idaho state dental community.

We Complete Transformations for
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