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Bryden Dental Center

Restorative Dentistry

Drs. Wilson, Bengtson and Evers are committed to providing you the highest quality of dental care, doing for you, what they would want done for their own families. Our doctors have extensive backgrounds and expertise in restorative and reconstructive dentistry. All of our doctors have helped save many, many people from being dental cripples.

Some people’s teeth are damaged in accidents, some are worn out by a lifetime of grinding their teeth, some people’s teeth have been ravaged by decay, whatever the cause, we are here to help you! Whether your conditions require a simple filling or if you require a full mouth reconstruction, we have been there before and can help you!


Composite Resin Fillings:
White colored, attractive, last one third as long as traditional silver fillings, more technique sensitive, take more time to place, more costly, especially indicated on front teeth.

Silver Fillings:
Usually last two to three times as long as composite filings, faster to place, more resistant to recurrent decay, gray in color and tarnish darker over years, less costly, especially indicated on back teeth.

Crowns (caps):
When decay on a tooth requires a filling that would cover greater than one half of the top chewing surface it leaves the tooth in a weakened state and prone to fracture. At this stage, or for other reasons where a tooth is weakened, a dental crown is indicated.

Gold Crowns:
Still nothing better technically and we place many gold crowns on posterior teeth where they do not show.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns:
(Can have metal core made of non-precious, precious, or high precious metals) with porcelain fused over the top of the metal. All of our crowns are porcelain fused to high precious metals which cause less allergies to our patients.

Zirconia crowns:
Zirconia is a naturally occurring element, that has fairly recently begun to be used for dental crowns. They are tooth colored and strong, but can come uncemented from the tooth more often than other crowns.