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Bryden Dental Center

Our Philosophy

We do not consider our dental practice to be an average dental office, and we do not believe that our patients desire only average care. Our doctors have dedicated themselves to provide dental treatment for our patients that is of the highest quality. It may come as a surprise to patients to know that there are different levels of treatment. For example, there are dental crowns fabricated in third world countries made with non-precious metals etc., and then there are crowns made in the United States of America by licensed dental technicians using first class materials. Similarly, there are knock off dental implants produced around the world, and then there are implants produced by major USA companies containing only quality materials. We have chosen, for you, to use the best products available, and we choose every day to provide you with exceptional dental care delivered by exceptional staff at all levels of our practices. Sometimes providing this level of care is slightly more costly than average treatment, but we find that in the long run it will usually function and be longer lasting than average also.

Independent Dental Practice

We are happy to say that Bryden Implant & General Dentistry is an independent dental practice. This means that we have not signed contracts with any third parties which can then mandate the dental care that we can deliver to you. Many people are not aware that if we, as doctors, sign up to be so called preferred providers, there is then a binding contract which dictates exactly what dental care we may provide to you.

It is our belief that treatment decisions should be made by you in consultation with your doctor.

This does not mean that we will not accept your assignment of insurance benefits, neither does it mean that you cannot receive dental care covered under your insurance plan in our office (as dental insurers may try to make you believe). In fact, our business staff will work extremely hard to maximize your dental benefits, and they are experts at doing so. Many patients across the country are finding that their dental insurance is becoming less and less relevant since most plans are only paying a maximum of $1,000 - $1,500 per year, the same amount they were paying 35 years ago! At the same time that insurers are drastically limiting their payments to you, they are becoming extremely intrusive in deciding which dental care you may, mostly may not, receive.

In short, by remaining an independent dental practice, not working for a dental insurance company, we can offer you more options and a higher level of dental care then the usual and customary average dental practice.